The Skinny On Fat

The Skinny On Fat

The Skinny on Fat

February 12, 2015

The truth about fat is that it’s not bad for you, in fact, it can actually save your life. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Daniele. I have been working in Nutrition as a FAT crusader for a few years now and have had the beauty of seeing what fat can actually do. Having previously worked in a clinical environment and now in private practice, I recommend my patients eat as much fat as their individual bodies can handle (with support of course). Now this vaires per person, becuase every one body is different and there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL, but you better beleive I never leave the fat out! I personally subcribe to the facts and am loving that every day I wake up and read my many media outlets I see a new article proving current medical ideals wrong. It is so nice to also have a community of brilliant fellow crusaders out there on the front line doing clinical trials and back study to prove those stuffy old coots wrong.

My love with fat started at a very young age with parents that loved foods like pate’ and rich and fatty triple creme cheeses. They let me eat as much as I wanted and I never struggled with my weight. It wasnt until later that I found out that fat is the reason why I maintain my figure. I still to this day love pate’so much that I make it every week. I am lucky to married to someone who loves fat as much as I do!

Enough about me, theres a whole other page dedicated to that…

Let’s talk about how the USA decided to forget about fat and ended up causing the era of the unhealthiest people who ever lived. It all started over 50 years ago when some rando doctor decided to falsify some isolated research. It caught so much buzz that the medical industry decided to roll with it. From there we created highly processed foods and bumped up grains and sugary foods. Its funny now to look at how controlled people can become by simple advirtising. As as culture we are very trusting and often forget to question others when regarding the safetly of ourselves and our families. We trust the doctor who is being bought by Pfizer and big Pharma to push us more drugs. We trust the families on the commercials who are just paid actors to tell us what to buy and what they think is “healthy”. We trust the unqualified friends who give us unsolicited advice to eat or not eat certain foods, or try this new diet….

When did we stop challenging the system? When did we stop asking questions? It was exactly when we decided to not make our own decisions and not ask why? After we were made out to be slaves for over half a century, some poeple got a little fed up. People like myself who grew up with horrible stomach pains everyday because of the supposed “healthy” wheat products and commercial foods I ate 3x’s a day. We got away from the reality of how foods should be clean and simple, and the fact that if the cell is made up of 50% cholesterol, then maybe we should be eating it to stay healthy!

I could go on and on standing on my little soap box but I won’t. Today i’ll leave you with something to think about on your own. What makes you feel good? When are you at your most vital? I know that I have never felt healthier or happier in my entire life as I do right now and I eat a shit ton of FAT every single day!

Bottom line here people is that FAT is good for you and the more you eat fat and the less you eat sugary crap, the happier you will be. SO go out and pick up some coconut oil, or butter, or duck fat, or tallow, or lard, or avocado oil…. What ever you chose will be your choice, and it’ll be the right one for you!


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