Why I no longer use a scale

Why I no longer use a scale

I personally feel that the idea of weight loss and the act of weighing ones self is one of the strongest forms of emotional slavery for American women today. It may even reach out to countries around the world, and of course I’m not the poster child of American health, but this I see everyday in practice. I mean seriously a number on the scale can dictate how your entire day is about to pan out. If you don’t see a number you like, it can ruin everything in the foreseeable future. It seems so petty when written down, but the struggle is real. Why is that? Because it is how you value yourself, how you measure your sense of self worth, weather or not you consider yourself beautiful. I call bullshit. I gave my scale away and said, keep it. No I don’t own a scale, and I feel great! The only scale I use now is how I feel physically and emotionally when I wake up and I take life it as it comes at me. I don’t let a piece of equipment make judgments for me. I only strive to be healthy and my best self. Yes I said emotional slavery. You become a slave to this piece of metal and plastic, this tiny torture chamber dictates your life.

It’s also sad that the American Medical Association uses this tool to judge your health and can remove all feeling of pride and hard work in 2.5 seconds.  BMI and weight on a scale honestly have no base in today’s reality for scale of health. Our country is such a melting pot of skeletal structures, muscle tissue, and fat deposits. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. This one size fits all mentality is killing us. We as women have gotten stuck so deep in a world of comparing ourselves to each other, instead of accepting that we are all beautifully different. When did fat shaming become such a focal point in society? When did we start only concerning ourselves with how we look and stop caring about issues that ignite change in our culture?

I don’t even wear makeup half the time, why, because I can. I don’t need to rely on media to tell me how I should feel about myself. All of these crash diets, waist cinchers, 10 ways to flat abs (eye roll), and some other gimmick that is sure fire way to make me FEEL GREAT.  Yes I preach about Ketogenics, but its not even really a weight loss plan, yeah you’ll lose weight, but its actually a mechanical process in the body that promotes liver detox, decreases inflammation, regulates hormones and blood sugar. That’s why you always see me hash tagging  “Happy Weight”. If I can accomplish anything in my life, it’s to make women feel beautiful no matter what. Finding your happy weight is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle of finding balanced eating, movement, and emotional habits. At the end of the day, its not about me or what I think, its about you. How do you feel about yourself, and why? Where do those negative feelings come from? Why do you feel it necessary to get on that sale everyday?  Why are you allowing the scale to rule your life? Because, if you get on that scale daily, you are.

I’m not the one judging you, you are. You are always gong to be your worst enemy. So what can you do differently today?

For starters, throw away your scale, and no don’t put it away, because you will end up taking it out when you feel like you need it.  Put it in the garbage or donate it. Start your day with something positive, if you feel awkward looking in the mirror and saying something positive, then listen to music that you know helps you get your grove on.  There are a million and one podcasts out there that will help you audibly feel different about yourself.

Visually, stop following people in Facebook, Pinterest, Periscope, or Instagram that make you feel bad about yourself. Follow people that make you feel hopeful, inspired, and happy. I look up a lot of baby animals, those are guaranteed to increase my dopamine and get me high on life.

Switch your focus; instead of being so hurtful to yourself, do things that make you feel accomplished. Make a new recipe, craft, start a new hobby, go to that class you have been meaning to take.

Step outside of your comfort zone and remember that not a single person is focused on you. The fear behind trying new things is that someone will judge you, but the truth is they are all feeling the exact same way. Even the person that you think is “Super Cool” is most likely just as self-conscious as you are. And the one girl/guy who is making comments and being actively judgmental, is the MOST insecure. Secure people don’t bother with pointing out people’s flaws; emotionally secure people are focused on balance and happiness.

So, back to why I no longer use a scale. It’s irrelevant to my success of being of healthy mind, body, and soul. I cut ties with people who bring negativity into my life; I stop using things that make me feel bad about myself. I refuse to stop living a completely fulfilled and adventurous life because of fear. I even cured myself of a severe flying anxiety.  I didn’t use any drugs or chemicals, because I have faith in the strength and healing of my mind and body. Don’t ever cheapen or make yourself out to be weak because you’re not, its always in you, you just have to reach deep and pull it out. It’s not about what your body looks like, it’s about how you feel, don’t let anyone or anything take that from you.

Is this stuff hard to do? Hell yeah, but life isn’t worth living if it isn’t hard. If everything was easy and handed to us, we would be so bored. The hard stuff is what’s beautiful and worth fighting for.

Am I cured of all my insecurities, no, but I don’t ever let them stop me from living my life and trying my damnedest to do better.

Don’t be jealous of other women or have a fear of missing out if someone seems like their life is better, it isn’t. Everyone has his or her demons. Just chase after what makes you happy and use others to lift you up and inspire you. You never know, you might be an inspiration to someone else. Maybe even a stranger, you don’t know.

I hope that this helps, go ahead, throw that scale away and love yourself, every day. Because honestly, you are beautiful and amazing!


4 thoughts on “Why I no longer use a scale

  1. Great message! Throwing away the scale is an important symbol for valuing health over vanity (for most people). When I started eating Paleo 3 years ago I learned about a lot more than just real food and the right diet for my body, but also how to train smarter and love my body for what it does. Now I’ve been exposed to so many great role models for that message–Molly Galbraith is my fave.

    Nice to see an NTP in the Portland Bloggers group! Looks like your IG, FB, and Pinterest links on your sidebar are broken but hope to see you around more here and there!

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  2. What a great article. I totally agree – obsessively weighing yourself is more detrimental than helpful. I try to weight myself occasionally just to make sure I’m not secretly gaining weight somewhere but have had to teach myself not to get crazy about jumping on there everyday or getting too hard on myself if it isn’t the number I want to see. I especially like this part: “Visually, stop following people in Facebook, Pinterest, Periscope, or Instagram that make you feel bad about yourself. Follow people that make you feel hopeful, inspired, and happy.” Such good advice.

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