Why you should drink bone broth every day…

Why you should drink bone broth every day…

In my previous post we covered why you should try bone broth, but I didn’t really get into the scientific detail of why you should drink it on the regular. What is bone broth made of really? It varies per recipe, but mostly consists of, bones, veggies, tendon, skin, and the best part, chicken or pig’s feet. It may sound a little weird but, what bone broth truly consists of is, hard core nutrients guaranteed to fix what ails you. One might think, how does something so easy, cheap, and yummy fix my depression, arthritis, digestive disorder ect?! The answer is simply, science! Just kidding, it’s more complicated than that. Let’s break it down. Your gut is your second brain. The intestinal lining more or less makes or breaks the health of your entire body, right?! So if your digestion or intestinal lining are compromised, your health will surely decline despite your efforts to correct it through the standard medical agenda. Fix your digestion and the rest will fall into place. Get it? Also, there is no better place than consuming a hot cup of bone broth daily. I mean honestly, everyone has a memory of drinking hot broth! But again, why?

Well, once the ingredients you have chosen like, bones, feet, ligament, tendon, apple cider vinegar, salt and veggies are broken down into a beautiful stock, you have the most powerful elixir to date. This witch’s brew of sorts is full of the following: collagen, glycine, proline, phosphorous, silicon, gelatin, sulfur, glutamine, chondroitin, glucosamine, calcium, countless fat soluble vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids. A lot of these components are responsible for vitamin conversion in the body, strengthening the mitochondria, growing the cell and smoothing the lining for better nutrient permeation. Establishing the integrity of the intestinal lining, aiding in production of gastric juices and bile, as well as healing food sensitivities. This act can also help the appropriate conversion of chemicals the brain needs to establish mood and behavior balance. The collagen, glutamine, and chondroitin re-establish joint and bone health. The list goes on.

So what does all that gibberish mean? Drink bone broth daily, cut out the processed crap, gluten, and foods you’re are sensitive too and your woes will be solved. It’s that simple. Sounds too good to be true, but really, it seriously works. Even if you can’t emotionally handle cutting foods out, adding this regiment of one cup of bone broth a day will move mountains!

Remember that adding new foods can be an adjustment for anyone and the body needs time regulate itself. If you don’t have a gallbladder, make sure to be taking a bile supplement to help your body break down the fats.

Let’s rewind and talk about what ailments bone broth can help with. Immune function, Crohns, diverticulitis, arthritis, anxiety, depression, stress, adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, seasonal allergies, IBS, colitis, leaky gut, eyesight, cognitive function, memory, joints, bone disease, injuries, recovery, hormones, fertility, psoriasis, hair, skin, nails, gum disease…. There are too many to count. To sum it up, bone broth is amazing for basically everything.

The bigger question is where do you get these bones? At first I felt the same way, and thought, does the store carry them? Well some of us are fortunate enough to live in health conscious towns and have natural food stores that readily carry pasture raised and grass fed bones. Some of us are not. In the case of not having these things readily available the next step is to see if you have a local butcher, now remember you can’t just ask for bones. You need to be very clear and specific that you need bones from a pasture raised or grass fed animal. Some butchers are very accommodating and some are not, but don’t get discouraged, there are other options. So let’s say your grocery store and butcher have chosen not to accommodate you, then what? Do you have local sustainable farmers that you may not know about? That is a great place to check as well! If all else fails, there is a last resort, online. www.grasslandbeef.com is an amazing grass fed beef online retailer. Let’s say you have gone through all of this and you are just not ready to make it on your own and you want to try some before you go through all the trouble. Well, you can! Do not, I repeat, do not buy pacific foods bone broth in a box in a non-refrigerated section of the grocery store, it’s not real bone broth! The bone broth you buy must come frozen or refrigerated if sold in a city that sells it frequently. Great companies that sell REAL 100% Pasture Raised/Grass Fed bone broth are: www.barebonesbroth.com, www.realbonebroth.com, www.saltfireandtime.com . These companies work very hard with lots of love and passion to bring REAL FOOD into this culture of processed crap. They are pioneers and make amazingly tasty broth. I am lucky enough to live in a place that believes in making food as medicine possible.

Alright, so we know why bone broth saves lives, and we know where to get it. Remember that your veggies need to be organic and only use sea salt and raw organic apple cider vinegar. If you need a recipe use mine!


Stock pot, Crock pot, or Pressure cooker are all good methods to use


2 lbs of desired bones (I like Chicken)

2 feet of chicken or pig

Add tendon and skin if desired

2 Large carrots*

1 Bunch of celery*

1 whole white onion*

3 cloves of garlic*

4 Tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar*

2 Tbsp of sea salt or “Real Salt” brand salt


If cooking in pressure cooker, turn in high for 45 min to 1 hour

If in crock or stock pot let cook on med-low for 24hours

Once done, let cool, remove contents, strain broth and store in glass jars. Will keep in refrigerator for up to two weeks and will stay frozen for up to a year.

Drink 1 cup daily. If you need more flavor feel free to add more ACV or even a tab of grass fed butter. Some people even like adding more salt or chili oil, skies the limit, enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Why you should drink bone broth every day…

  1. This is a great post! Drinking bone broth daily has prevented me from getting sick during cold and flu season even though my kids are running around the house with runny noses. I’m usually the person who gets sick no matter what I do to try to stay healthy. Bone broth works!


  2. This is fascinating. I’ve always been curious about the benefits of bone broth. I know nay who swear by it, but never explained why. I’m now tempted to give it a shot… especially during this time of year when immune systems are often compromised. Thanks!!


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