Christmas Pâté

Christmas Pâté


Every year my family has had some form of pate around on Christmas day (homemade or butcher bought). When we got old enough it was champagne, triple cream cheeses and of course the best Foie Gras or duck liver pate available. My parents always had a very French/Italian palette, despite their German/Irish heritage, so much so that our father changed the origin sound of our last name Brose from (German=Bro-zy) to (French=Bro-say), he even added an accent over the e (Brose’) to make it official, He’s amazing. Both of my parent’s are amazing. Like I said, I get nostalgic and think about what’s important. To me, family is everything!  Christmas for us was partly about gifts, but mostly revolved around food and drink, very euro ;). We are what you would call, “Foodie Partiers.”  One would always expect upon arrival to the Brose’ house, a drink immediately placed in hand and asked if food was needed and was not just offered but encouraged.

I think this is why my style as a Nutritional Therapist is so unorthodox. I have my absolutes because of the scientific evidence provided, however, force nothing. The hope for every single person that walks into my practice is that they will leave happy and always feel satisfied. Life is about experience, happiness, growth, and love. I never want to be attached to one person’s negative experience, therefore they will always be in charge. I never push my clients into anything we don’t agree mutually that they can handle. So what does that mean? I want people to live their freaking lives! I want them to be happy, and celebrate. If they need to drink, drink. If they need to snack, snack. Their drinks and snacks will be health conscious, but I never want to be the cause of a persons deprivation or unhappiness. Tomorrow is never a guarantee, so if you can, be present, and enjoy the living hell out of those around you!!!

Moral of the story, live long and prosper 😉 EAT WELL!

Today’s blog is about my homemade Christmas Pate!  YUM!

Most pate’s I have made in the past are not dairy free so today I want to share a dairy free recipe with you all. If you need to add butter, by all means, I won’t judge 😉

Daniele’s Christmas Pate

Serves 10

Cook time 30 min and overnight set


1/2 lb pasture raised chicken liver

1/2 lb pasture raised pork liver

2 large organic shallots

1/2 cup rendered duck fat

1/4 cup organic sherry

1/4 cup of coconut aminos

4 cloves of garlic

Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper to taste

Wash livers and let soak in water for 10 mins. Heat stainless steel pan to med/high and melt duck fat. Chop shallots and garlic, add to duck fat, let sweat. Remove livers from water and add to pan. Add aminos, sherry, salt & pepper, turn heat to med/low. Cook slowly until livers are browned. Add contents to a blender or food processor. Process until completely smooth. Pour into desired dish, (if desired, melt more duck fat and pour over contents) cover, put in refrigerator over night. Enjoy!



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