SUGAR: To eat or not to eat?

SUGAR: To eat or not to eat?

That is the question! Right now everyone and their mother has decided to quit sugar and detox from the holidays. So the question is, is quitting sugar healthy, and will it help me get back on track? The real answer is, that depends…

It all depends on what types of sugars we are talking about. If you were previously eating your weight in glutenous cookies and cakes filled with processed white sugar, then we have a problem. On the flip side if we were consuming organic cassava flour cookies sweetened with raw local honey or organic real maple syrup, you’re A-okay!

“If you’re not reading labels yet, get on it! Your health depends on it!”

Sugar is not always the enemy, it’s the type of sugar you are consuming and what it does to the body when you eat it.

Let’s look at what types of sugar are out there and which ones are better for us:

Sugars to stay away from and why

Non organic Plain White sugar

Non organic Powdered Sugar

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Artificial Sweeteners

“Added Sugar”

“Natural Flavors”

  • These sugars are all said to have been made from natural and organic materials, but it there is nothing natural about them. Most of these “sugars” are highly processed and full of harmful and hazardous chemicals. When they have been “de-natured” the sugar cannot be properly digested in the body making these foods essentially legal poison. You can’t get in trouble if you kill someone slowly, and that is what big food companies are doing. There are 29 million people with diabetes today while 68% are obese. The epidemic in this country is from improperly labeled foods like these sugars.


  • Where can you find these sugars? They are hidden in processed foods, if you’re not reading labels, get on it! Your health depends on it!

Sugars that are safe to eat

Organic Dates

Real Raw Organic Honey

Organic Non GMO Coconut sugar

Organic Non GMO Beet Sugar

Organic Non GMO Raw Cane Sugar

Organic Real Maple Syrup

  • These sugars are recognized as food in the body, therefore have a place in the body’s digestive mechanism. Some of these sugars are even beneficial for healthy gut bacteria. Some of these sugars, like coconut sugar, are considered low-glycemic and are safe for people who have insulin regulation issues or insulin resistance.


  • The labeling is extremely important, genetically modified organisms are no joke. Support the GMO project and don’t eat frankenfoods.


Now does all of this mean you can eat a pound of sugar a day because its a healthy sugar? NO! Everything in moderation. Consume a healthy combination of micro and macro nutrients, keep your sugar at a healthy minimal percentage. If you are running marathons and crossfitting daily, that’s a different story. Athletes require more glucose for energy output than the average sedentary person. Some people, however, consume no sugar at all and love it! It’s all about what kind of life you want to live, and if you don’t see yourself living without sugar, don’t. Just remember to  eat clean and healthy choices. The processed crap will get you, but you already knew that.


Be well!


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