Love thy self <3

Love thy self <3


This time of year there is a lot of self hatred going on, the vicious cycle of hating your body has officially begun. What happened to loving your body no matter what? What happened to just being concerned with your health? I am an expert in weight loss, but I never ever use the F word when speaking to my patients. Calling someone Fat is about the lowest thing you can say to someone. Suggesting that someone needs to lose weight is almost worse. Every fitness and wannabe nutrition company is out there promoting weight loss and making women hate themselves more. Why can’t we love the skin we are in no matter and focus on health and eating real food?

The holidays are hard for everyone, believe me, everyone. Yes January is a great time to get back on track, that’s not my argument today. I’m all for cleaning up the palette from all the sweet treats and constant drinks. Switching Macros is my game. What I am trying to say is why do we have to motivate ourselves with negativity instead of positivity? When I motivate myself I follow inspiring women like Nicole Mejia owner of Fit and Thick, promoting healthy fitness through building muscle without using crazy weights and just using your body. Or following Whole30 recipes to eat real, clean, whole foods. Don’t focus on eating yourself thin, focus on eating yourself healthy. Weight loss is a happy accident of focusing on nutrition, hydration, sleep, positivity, hard work, and daily attainable exercise.

When I saw the most recent Weight Watchers commercial about a boy saying he was so glad he got his mom back, I thought, where did she go? Was she a shell of a person before her weight loss? No, we as a society have created the idea that we are whole when we are thin. I always tell my clients looking to lose weight that we are going to focus on health first and weight loss will be a common side effect. I don’t have a scale at my practice, I don’t take pictures, I don’t take body measurements. The only thing I measure is sleep, hydration, digestion, stress management, energy, and mental clarity. When the body is optimal it will be the size it wants to be.

I think the reason this topic hits home for me is the fact that I grew up around women that judged each other’s worth by their size. It’s a common topic in a southern California household. I think every woman is beautiful no matter their size, and will always make it my job to make every woman feel beautiful. That’s what women should do for each other. Encouraging health, mind body and soul, is what 2016 is all about. Always make each other feel beautiful. If we all felt amazing all of the time, size wouldn’t be an issue.

My New Year’s challenge to all of you whether you are focusing on your health currently or not is to love yourself. Tell yourself you love yourself at least once a day and if you’re not feeling it, do the acts that always make you feel loved and connected. I love red lipstick and cocktail rings, it’s such a powerful feeling for me. Everyone is different, but make yourself feel empowered and focus on health, not hating yourself.


8 thoughts on “Love thy self <3

  1. It’s definitely true this time of year particularly seems to be harsh in terms of way too many mentions of being fat and wanting to lose weight (the other time is beginning of summer/swimsuit shopping time, ugh) so I appreciate the reminder it’s about health and loving yourself!


  2. This is a great post. I would say that sometimes it goes beyond being vain and that weight relates to health also, where eating healthy and exercising is the key. But I totally agree that our society has often taken this too far, where skinny is the end all be all even if it means fad diets of lemon and cayenne cleanses trump eating whole foods for instance. But I completely agree with the sentiment and if people focus on all the other non-weight aspects, usually that follows.


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