Death by Diet Shake

Death by Diet Shake


By now many of you have already jumped on the diet train and gone all the way to shakeville. The sad thing is, none of you should ever diet. Life is really about eating balanced and sustainably healthy, not crash dieting year after year. Media and weight loss companies love to sell you gimmicks to keep you yo-yo dieting for the rest of your life. Not a single one of the massive conglomerates actually teaches you to eat healthy, because if they did, you would no longer buy their products, they would make less profit, and eventually go out of business. They are in the business of ruining your metabolism and keeping you engaged enough to want to come back. With that being said, let’s discuss the product they sell and how it could potentially be the cause to health problems down the road. In this post I am going to discuss the dangers of diet shakes, the deadly ingredients, what shakes to stay away from and what shakes to buy if you just like having shakes. Here we go!

Dieting by drinking diet shakes as we all know is not a sustainable way to live. Even if you truly believe what the company you are buying tells you, your shake is anything but nutritious. Medical Doctor’s and FDA approval mean absolutely nothing, so don’t let them sell you on that. Anyone can be bought if the dollar amount is right.

The body needs food, it is designed to break food down beginning in the mouth and going all the way to the small intestines. We are designed to eat solids. Does this mean liquids are bad, NO. But your body can forget how to do something if it is not exercised, this is the process of evolution. So if all you do is drink shakes, eventually it will be harder for your body to digest and metabolize solid foods. Thus making it harder to stay at your desired weight. This is a mind trick that the diet companies love to play because then you become reliant on their product. So a liquid diet can be effective, but can end up causing major damage, not only to your digestive system, but also your endocrine system (the system responsible for metabolism). So many American women have Thyroid disorders and never think to link their lifetime of yo-yo dieting. If you stress your metabolism out enough over your lifetime, there will be consequences. Thyroid disorder is only one of the long term possibilities, but there are other organs in the endocrine system that can be massively  affected. Hormones like estrogen can dramatically increase, cortisol can also increase causing severe adrenal fatigue, not to mention, diabetes and blood sugar dis regulation.  The list goes on.

It’s funny how blind we have become by good advertising and branding. We immediately put trust in a product that we really know nothing about because we saw someone get results love their slogan.  Oy vei! We end up loving the pretty wrapping so much that we  don’t even question if the ingredients are safe! Here are some shake labels and why these ingredients are dangerous.



Not really even sure where to start with this chemical shit storm. Why in god’s name is there Wheat and Canola oil in your shake? Did you also know that vitamin fortification in food supply has been linked to causing neurological damage? Yes, I’m talking about Alzheimer’s people. I can’t believe that the people that sell this crap call it nutrition, when it is anything but. When you eat REAL FOOD you don’t have this many ingredients.

I am so sorry if I am bursting your Herbalife bubble or or maybe you feel bewildered and betrayed, but these people aren’t your friends, all you are is a dollar sign to them. They don’t care about your health.




Good for you, you found company that is using less chemical derivatives and claims to be the #1 shake on the market. But yet again you are blinded by good marketing and exercise addicted coaches that promise you a rock hard body. Ugh, there is so much wrong with this situation, I can’t even. First off, these women are not trained nutrition professionals and only know what they have been spoon fed to make more money. Second, these ingredients claim to be gluten free, but are still not guaranteed soy free, which is a HUGE problem considering estrogen dominance is one of the leading causes of cancer and hormonal disorders in America. Third, NONE of these ingredients are certified organic, fair trade, or non-gmo, and if they are bottom line, the whey protein is not grass fed. If you are surviving on a liquid diet, you need to be extremely careful with what your are putting into your body.

Oh yeah, and you should NEVER be HUNGRY! If you are trying a new plan and you are complaining about how starving you are, or telling yourself that it’s just a part of the process, you’re doing it wrong! That’s why dieting is also a terrible mentality to be in. Yes all eating plans are called diets and it gets confusing, but I am talking about living two separate eating lives. If you have found an eating plan that makes you healthier, like the ancestral diet, or the Paleo diet, or Whole30, or clean eating, or a sugar detox, these are all sustainable plans that are for the betterment of your health and well being. These are not crash diets. These eating styles are long term plans that teach us about Macro nutrients and the medicinal properties of food. Crash diets and shakes, do not.

There are hundreds of others that I really don’t need to go too much into detail, like Slimfast, Boost, Ensure, Atkins, the shakes sold at Costco and at most supplement companies. Bottom line if you like shakes and smoothies you should be using REAL NUTRIENT DENSE WHOLE FOOD ingredients. If you don’t want to be starving make sure to put ample fat in there like coconut cream or avocado, use a grass fed whey protein or a pasture raised raw egg (do your research, not all raw eggs are dangerous) or grass fed collagen peptides. Add organic fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals. This process may cost you more know, but will save you thousands down the road when you will avoid doctors visits and medications you have to take because of the crap you put in your body.

We need to stop dieting and treating our bodies like a dumpster. We say we don’t know what’s right, but we aren’t taking action to learn what’s right. We are so quick to listen to other people and not take responsibility or our own health. Stop giving people power that are just looking to make a buck and invest in the ones who genuinely care.

Here are some great powders to buy if you really want a shake, but don’t rely on them. Don’t succumb to the need to diet, you are beautiful just the way you are!



Take your health into your hands, you are worth every penny!



9 thoughts on “Death by Diet Shake

  1. Another red flag on Shakeology is the misleading labeling!! It says 9g sugar per serving, but that’s only for the ingredients included INSIDE the black-lined box. Underneath are “other ingredients” which are allowed down there on supplement labels because they aren’t part of the nutritional components. What’s the first “other” ingredient?…Fructose! Others have Stevia as well (but any BB rep will tell you these are “naturally occurring” and totally ok). The “natural vanilla flavoring” will also contain a sweetener. When prepared as recommended, these sugar bombs are 2x or sometimes 3x our recommended sugar intake in ONE shake!! Run away!


  2. Fantastic, to the point post. I hear people at work all the time talking about shakes. I’m not claiming to be a healthy eater, but honestly, just living off shakes makes no sense to me! Also, lol to all the people who say “I’m so hungry” because they’re on a diet.


  3. I have never understood the shake thing. I’m not the healthiest eater ever, but I know something with a ton of ingredients that comes in powder form is not healthy.


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