PROBIOTIC WATER -is your new favorite drink

PROBIOTIC WATER -is your new favorite drink

As some of you know I am a brand ambassador for the Forbes top 5- next billion dollar juice company, SUJA. I started drinking Suja when they first came on the scene. I was still a Cheese Buyer for Whole Foods Market, and at the time, Suja was only found in Whole Foods- it was an exclusive brand. I was instantly in love. The clutch design and marketing on the bottle was guaranteed to raise some intrigue. You would also be impressed with the labeling. As a Nutritional Therapist I am a label natzi. I look for every certification you can possibly imagine, and Suja met every single one. There was even a part that they didn’t let on, and that not only is Suja 100% Organic / NON-GMO / Cold Pressured / BPA free / Gluten Free / Vegan- it is also Farm to bottle controlled. This Juice had everything I looked for and more. The taste was also a palette pleaser, sure to get your tongue ignited and excited to want more.

Now three years later and releasing in to every major retailer in the nation, Suja is democratizing juice. They are for lack of a better word, killing it. Just when I thought Suja couldn’t come up with anything better, they one up-ed my expectations. Suja created the first non fermented Probiotic Water with all organic fruit zest flavors.

I know I sound like a juice salesmen and you are probably thinking “well it’s your job to say nice things so you can sell product..”

First off, I have never been or will ever be a sales person. I just don’t believe in people buying crap they don’t need, and second, I don’t work at Suja for job security or to seek approval. This is a privilege. I get to work with Suja and I get to talk about how awesome their products are. Like I said, I could give a rats patooty about making you try something you don’t need. Plus this is not a commission based job, so the only incentive here is the bountiful joy of spreading health and wellness to the masses!

Can you imagine a world with only Organic juice and no more Soda?! Sounds like a utopic existence to me!

SO-back to the Probiotic water. At this point you might have heard about the benefits of healthy gut bacteria.. We all need a stable and sufficient balance of bacteria, and probiotics are a great way to get us there. Now you’re thinking, what type are we at Suja using and why is ours better than taking a pill?! Well I’ll tell you, with info-graphics, because I love pictures!


And here they are!! So pretty right?! Suja probiotic water will be coming in 4 amazing flavors or only naturally infused fruit zest and some sliced fresh ginger. The four flavors are:

* Ginger Lime

* Raspberry

* Orange Ginger Cayenne

* Orange Ginger Pineapple

So yummy!!!


Like I mentioned before, probiotics are crucial for a healthy-homeostatic existence. We need healthy bacteria to thrive optimally!


Our process at Suja goes above and beyond with survivability. It is possible that this is not something that even occurred to you when you are thinking about a good probiotic. If we have sufficient Hydrochloric acid in our stomachs and our pH is really low we need a good strain to withstand that type of acidity and after making it through to the small intestines it needs to be bioavailable as well! Suja probiotic water has got you covered! By using the GanedenBC30 strain we crank that survivability up to 78%! Awesome!!


This probiotic water is so amazing it’s already catching the eye of many! We even won first place at Expo West for “Best new product”, this is one of the highest honors you can get when fresh on the market!

Slide6After all of that a really important factor is that this is the lowest sugar and carb count on a healthy bacteria liquid on the market. Kombucha never gets below 5grams because it needs sugar for the natural fermentation process. Good news for those of you on a keto/low carb or sugar reduction plan. The Ginger lime has 0 grams of sugar!

If you are still a bit curious here are some related articles and sources:

SSounds Slide7


Sounds incredible right?! I know! And the price is awesome too! Only $2.99 a bottle, and it’s so refreshing and most of all worth it! You really are going to love it!!

Still curious about this amazing probiotic water? Check it out at Target stores, where it will be exclusive for the next six months or enter our giveaway!


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