Daniele’s 12 days of Christmas!

Daniele’s 12 days of Christmas!


  If you haven’t purchased a squatty potty yet, you need to go to www.squattypotty.com right now! I have never pooped better in all my life!

#2 Eating Evolved Hot Chocolate+Collagen collagen

Need I say more?!?! Not only is Eating evolved chocolate soooo amazingly delicious, but with grass fed collagen! Yass kween!! Get some here!

#3 Vivo Barefoot GOBI HI TOP


I am sooo obsessed with these!!! I love being barefoot and Vivo took care of my winter feets with these sexy little boots! ❤ Check em out here!

#4 Fagor Lux Multi Cooker


This nifty apparatus can cook ANYTHING soooo fast!!! I freaking love it! You can pressure cook, make soup, pop popcorn, rice, steam veggies, saute meat, and even make yogurt!!!! Get one here!

#5 Deep Stress Rescue by Wish Garden


This time of year is supposed to be joyful, but there is an insane amount of stress that goes with it! This amazing blend of organic herbs formulated by Wish Garden is guaranteed to help you be chill AF! Get it here!

#6 Jackson’s Honest


What are the holidays without snacks?!?! Especially organic snacks kettle cooked in the best coconut oil you can find!! Holler!!! If you can’t do nightshades they even have sweet potatoes!!! Get em here!

#7 Coconut Secret Chocolate Bars


Everyone and their mother always asks me how they can find a “clean” chocolate bar, you know one that doesn’t have crap in it like soy, cane sugar, dairy, nuts, and is fair trade and still tastes good…. Well THIS IS THE BEST CHOCOLATE BAR I HAVE EVER HAD AND ITS ALL OF THOSE THINGS 100% CLEAN!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! Get your lifetime supply right here 😉

#8 Truly Spiked Sparkling


I don’t know about you but I am so tried of having a drink with a bunch of sugar in it that totally kills all my fitness goals and screws up my blood sugar. I found these bad boys on our anniversary trip this year and it is my new BAE!!!! Not only are they refreshing, but they only have 1 gram of sugar in them and 2 net carbs, WHAT?!?!?!? AMAZING!!! Also, they are gluten free and not made with any crap! YAHOOOO!!! Get your winter stash here!

#9 Alba Botanica Acnedote & Loofah Pads


My skin has bugged me my whole life and it wasn’t until I started using these two products that I can now say that my skin has NEVER looked better!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Get the wash here and the complexion pads here ❤

#10 The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown


I had heard of Brene Brown over the years but I had never read any of her books, I have only seen her Tedx talks, this year when I was recommended  to read this book I bought it the next day and it has helped me through so many obstacles. This is a GREAT read! Get it here!

#11 Kettle and Fire Bone Broth


Not only is this Bone Broth delicious, but I had the pleasure of meeting the founders at Paleo FX this year and they were sooo nice! This is a really tasty broth, sure to get you through the winter without getting sick!! Get some here!

#12 Dr. Axe Bone Broth Protein


It might sounds weird and gross to put bone broth in your smoothie, but this stuff is LEGIT!!! Not only are there 4 different flavors including one with black pepper and turmeric but the plain is tasteless, I put it in my buttered coffee and I don’t even notice it! If you want an all around nutrient dense protein that helps with gut health as well, this is your new favorite powder!!! Get it here!








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