My name is Daniele Della Valle and I live with my husband in Vancouver, Washington. I am a nutritional therapy practitioner certified by the NTA. My journey to health and wellness started at a very young age with being open and curious to the foods around me. I grew up in a foodie household and actually worked in the food industry for almost 15 years before I decided to make nutrition my career. I have lived in and traveled to some amazing places that gave me a thirst for life and culture. My life experiences and personal heath issues helped me to arrive at my new life in nutrition. I suffer from multiple food sensitivities/digestive issues and have most recently battled with a nutrient deficiency that caused a severe anxiety disorder with bouts of depression. Luckily with the help of nutrition therapy I was able to overcome all of these things and now can say with confidence that I no longer have these set backs. The beauty of how this method is used is that it is a bioindividual process. What I mean is that I take each persons set of traits, health history, lifestyle, hormones, and sometimes DNA to make the perfect fit for each person individually. This is never a one size fits all process. I whole heartedly believe that each person is so different and am constantly surprised by each client I encounter. You are all beautifully made to be your own person and I respect that. So lose the worry of what will work for you and drop the trends. Let’s set you on your journey to finding your new life through health and wellness. Let me help you be your best and healthiest self!

– Daniele Della Valle, NTP


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